Community Relations

Community Relations

PENSA focuses on understanding the community’s needs and working together towards implementing development and sustainable projects, in order to improve their quality of life in the following areas:


Education is key to human development. Therefore, the company has benefited a student population of over 1000 students from core student of the School of Sara Maria Parrales (‘ISMP’), which works as a core of six public schools.

  • Partnership with World Vision Nicaragua to implement the ‘Quiero leer para aprender’ project in order to increase levels of school retention and performance in the Sara Maria Parrales school. Also to provide a protective environment for children in their home and school; and to build capacity for the use and safe application of technology in their teaching-learning processes.
  • Donation of computer lab, benefiting more than 300 students.
  • Promotion of academic excellence.
  • Technical and university scholarships.

Social Infrastructure

We consider important the improvement of the social infrastructure in communities near the geothermal project and we support the local municipality in meeting their goals for community development.

  • Implementation of the Water and Sanitation Project for the 5 surrounding communities, benefiting more than 4000 people.
  • Projects to improve tourism infrastructure.
  • Sports infrastructure projects.
  • Projects to improve educational infrastructure.
  • Electrification projects for communities.


The company supports several initiatives, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, in order to prevent diseases. It also supports the local health center with different medical equipment donations that are crucial for the daily care of patients in the surrounding communities.

  • Donation of medical supplies.
  • Disease prevention campaigns.
  • Donation of water filters for Community members.


As a way to create value and wealth for the community members, the company has implemented projects to support the modernization of local producers in order to support them generate higher profits from their productions.

  • Project for technically supporting the local bean producers, together with American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF). 27 local bean producers benefited.


By promoting and sponsoring sports, we are forming an essential motivation in children, youth and adults for the sport.

  • Promotion of sports tournaments.
  • Donation of sports equipment.