Management Team

Alexis Osorno

General Manager & Finance Manager

Alexis Osorno joined PENSA in June 2015 after the capitalization process to perform the role of Finance Manager. He has vast experience in finance and accounting. He was Finance Manager at Puma Energy Nicaragua, playing a key role in the transition process from Esso Standard Oil, S. A, Ltd to Puma Energy. Alexis worked 30 years for Esso Standard Oil performing different positions in Finance and Accounting, Refinery Operations, Regional/Global assignments as Controls and Sales Project Advisor, Business Support Manager, Treasurers and Planning Supervisor, and Information and technology Supervisor.

Under his administration role, he supervises procurement and logistics, warehouse and information technology.

Alexis has a Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering, a Postgraduate degree in Management from INCAE Business School and a Postgraduate degree in Finance from UAM and Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Johnny Bendaña

Corporate & Human Resources Manager

Johnny Bendaña joined the company in July 2009 as Human Resources Manager. He is located on site in San Jacinto. Since 2011, he has been appointed as the Human Resources and Administration Manager of PENSA. As Human Resources Manager, he is a key player on employee relations, training and personnel development as well as strategic planning and human resources policies in general. Johnny has promoted the internal development of employees, identifying talented resources that occupy key positions in the organization. Under his administration role, he supervises general services such as employee transportation, security guards, basecamp maintenance and allocation services.

Johnny leads the Social Responsibility area, the enviromental area and the Hygiene and Safety Commission of the Company, thus supervises employees Safety and Health conditions.

Johnny holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from University of Mobile, Alabama and an MBA from University of Leicester from England. Johnny has taken many courses on human resources management, strategic management, and KPI. He is an active member of the Association of Human Resources Executives of Nicaragua.

Leonel Poveda

Plant & Operations Manager

Leonel Poveda joined PENSA in 2005 as a Control Room Operator. Since 2012, he has been in charge of the supervision and operation of the plant. In March 2017, Leonel was promoted to Plant & Operations Manager, where he supervises three main areas: mechanical, instrumentation and control, and electric maintenance.

Leonel is an electronic engineer, graduated from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI). He also holds a master in Renewable Energy and has received some courses in project management, industrial safety, and ISO norms.

Julio Guidos

Reservoir Manager

Julio Guidos is the Reservoir Manager of PENSA, since April 2015. Julio´s experience has been mainly in El Salvador with La Geo S.A, state company with more than 40 years of experience in the exploration and production of geothermal energy, where he has been, among other things, responsible for the development, management, coordination and execution of exploration projects in potential geothermal areas in El Salvador and Latin America. He has performed geothermal conceptual models, location and Drilling target defining for different fields in El Salvador and some resources in Latin America.

Julio is a Chemical and Geothermal Engineer with more than 27 years of professional experience in the geothermal energy industry. He supervised different geothermal projects for La Geo as Director of Geothermal Exploration projects.

Julio won a Mitsubishi Prize in 1991 as the most outstanding overseas student of the Geothermal Diploma Course developed by University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Julio also served as a lecturer of a Specialization in Geothermal at the El Salvador National University (2012-2014).